C3 Proudly Presents the 2019 C3 China Healthcare Summit:
"China's Challenges of Healthcare Reformation, US Collaboration
Universal Globalization"

We Welcome You to Join 500 International Luminaries, Speakers and Government Officials From the Global Life and Sciences Industry to Bring Universal Healthcare Recognition to China

March 29 & March 30, 2019

C3 INTRODUCTION: On Friday, March 29 & Saturday, March 30, 2019, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing: C3 Summit will launch the C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 to help define China as a hub of innovation for training local leaders, companies, universities, and research institutions. By developing healthcare excellence through knowledge and technology transfers between the U.S. and China, the focus of the C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 is on transferring knowledge and best practices in healthcare to the region. Accordingly, C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 will increase commercial ties to implement enterprises tapping U.S.-Chinese expertise.

C3 China HEALTHCARE SUMMIT MISSION: Identify healthcare challenges facing global populations and transfer pertinent knowledge to uncover solutions through bilateral collaboration.

C3 China HEALTHCARE SUMMIT OVERVIEW: Collaboration and innovation lead to solving complex global healthcare challenges. In addition, human and financial resources are required to build healthcare infrastructures properly staffed and supplied to meet specific disease burdens. C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 will therefore explore the role of research in developing innovative, affordable, accessible, and effective therapies to help improve patients’ lives. C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 will examine and explain the roles of hospitals, government agencies, and private companies in finding answers to local and global healthcare challenges. C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 will engage leading thinkers to define plans to deliver healthcare innovations.

C3 China HEALTHCARE SUMMIT OBJECTIVES: C3 China Healthcare Summit 2019 objectives are to present healthcare innovations to some 500 industry luminaries, speakers and sponsors from the global life and sciences industry. The Summit will feature international leaders, as well as a series of panels on healthcare topics relevant to China. A business pavilion will feature global exhibitors from the healthcare and related sectors. 

AGENDA – March 29th & 30th: Speakers and Panels Subject to Change

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